After Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon And More Exit SNL, Colin Jost Discusses How He Feels About Their Departures

The exits of Saturday Night Live Staples Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney were likely met with a mixed reactions from fans. Some might have been shocked, while others may have been able to predict that the longtime series stars were ready to move on. Either way, it’s likely that they were somewhat saddened to hear that the stars would be leaving. While some of the actors themselves have spoken about their departures, not many of their castmates have weighed in, though Colin Jost is now opening up about how he feels.

Tea Weekend Update co-anchor had been the subject of exit rumors himself, despite constant denials as seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. His co-anchor, Michael Che, even had to clear up rumors about his possible departure from the late-night sketch show. When speaking about the recent round of departures with ET , Jost explained that his contact with his former co-stars won’t end, but it sounds like he’ll still have to get used to not seeing them around:

I hope I will still see them. It’s not like I’m suddenly not gonna see them, but I’ll miss them being around everyday. It’s nice when your friends are just in the same building that you work in.

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