Alchemy Stars Persona 5 Royal Crossover Event Detailed

The Phantom Thieves are coming. Developer TrueDog confirmed that its mobile strategy-RPG Alchemy Stars and personas 5 will cross over on July 14, 2022. The event, titled “Heist Under A Moonlit Night”, will bring the characters of Persona 5 Royal to Astra, the world of AlchemyStars. There players will be able to acquire playable versions of the Phantom Thieves for use in their own parties. TourDog is also holding a social media contest for fans to win merchandise from either personas 5 gold Alchemy Stars.

The story of “Heist on a Moonlit Night” revolves around the Phantom Thieves battling Shadows in Umbraton, a city and faction in Astra. The Phantom Thieves are seeking the source of the Shadows and why they’re appearing in Alchemy Stars‘ world.

Alchemy Stars players participating in the personas 5 crossover event will be able to acquire playable versions of Joker, Mona, Queen, Violet, and Fox. All will be dressed in their Phantom Thief outfits. Mona will be obtainable for free, as players who log during the event will receive him. Other characters will be obtainable through the Collab Exclusive Recruitment or Thief Companion Selection Box.

Earlier in the week the official Twitter account also began posting previews of the crossover characters. Check out some of their art in the gallery below.

Tea Alchemy Stars “Heist on a Moonlit Night” crossover event begins on July 14, 2022, and runs until August 3, 2022. Other crossovers include one with Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. The game itself is available on Android and iOS.

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