Amber Heard faces another backlash for ‘wilfully’ defaming Johnny Depp

Amber Heard faces another backlash for willfully defaming Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s troubles do not seem to end anytime soon as her insurance company has also refused to pay $8m damages, claiming she ‘wilfully’ defamed her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Nothing seems to sit in Heard’s favour. The Insurance firm has reportedly filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Aquaman actress claiming that they are not liable to pay part of the $8 million damages owed to her ex-husband.

As per report, in a policy written in 2019, New York Marine and General Insurance Co stated it would pay up to $1m.

However, in the suit filed on Friday, the company claims that it is not obligated to cover a portion of the damages because Heard “wilfully” defamed Depp.

This is because the policy was filed in California where the law states that an insurer does not need to pay if the policy holder committed “wilful” misconduct.

The company said in its filing: “An actual controversy has arisen and now exists between Plaintiff, on the one hand, and Heard, on the other hand, with regard to the duties and obligations owed between Plaintiff and Heard under the Policy with respect to compensation.

“The jury’s factual findings establish that Heard’s liability is caused by the willful act(s) of Heard,” as reported by Los Angeles Times.

Amber Heard’s attorney’s have filed a motion, asking Fairfax County Court to set aside the verdict or order a new trial.

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