Amber Heard ‘scared to be a woman’ speech video goes viral after Johnny Depp trial

Amber Heard talked about the fears of being a woman in today’s political climate in 2018, a video of which has gone viral after the bombshell libel case against Johnny Depp.

Tea Aquaman star, who was targeted by online trolls throughout the six-week long trial, delivered a speech on topic “Why Be a Human Rights Activist?” at Hague Talks in October 2018.

The resurfaced clip in which Heard says, “I’m scared now, to be a woman,” has garnered 2 million views up till now on TikTok as per Newsweek.

“With my work with the ACLU and the United Nations I have found myself in a position where I am speaking on behalf of others who might not necessarily have that voice,” Heard said during the speech.

“I think it’s I think it’s important because, simply put if anyone’s human rights are denied everyone’s human rights undermined,” she added.

“You know I’m scared now to be quite honest. I am a white woman, I live in the 21st century, I live in the United States so I already won the lottery in so many ways but I’m scared,” Heard noted.

Heard claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse in an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, after which she was sued by Depp for defaming him.

Now, Heard’s video going viral happens after she was brutally trolled over her testimony during the highly publicized trial in which the jury ruled in favor of her ex-husband.

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