AMD RDNA3 Navi 31/32/33 GPUs to feature DCN 3.2 display engine, Phoenix Point APU gets DCN 3.1

AMD deploys display patches for RDNA3 APUs and GPUs

An increased activity in AMD Linux patches for upcoming graphics architecture.

At least four RDNA3/GFX11 architecture Device IDs are now being used by AMD Linux software engineers in most recent patches. It is clear that the usual prelaunch cycle has begun for AMD’s next graphics architecture, with the enablement for new processors gradually being deployed for Linux kernels, graphics drivers and repositories. This is how we end up with bits of information that can lead to some interesting RDNA3 architecture revelations.

Coelacanth’s Dream has been digging through the recent patches for AMD display, Mesa and GPU drivers. This is how four IDs for GFX11 architecture (also known as RDNA3) have been discovered. The data is scattered through patches, oftentimes providing conflicting information, however the Coelacanth has been quite determined to find details on AMD DCN (Display Core Next) display controller data.

AMD GFX11 (RDNA3) GPU Family, Source: Coelacanth’s Dream

It was discovered that GFX1103 GPU (most likely Phoenix Point APU) features DCN 3.1.4 engine whereas the RDNA discrete GPUs use 3.2.X engine instead. The data may be slightly confusing at first, because Linux patches use interchangeably GFX and GC IP versions, which for some reason are mixed for Phoenix Point and Navi 33 GPUs.

AMD GFX11 (RDNA3) GPU Family, Source: Coelacanth’s Dream

Furthermore, the new data suggests that RDNA3 APU would not support Infinity Cache (large L3 cache). If that is indeed the case, then Infinity Cache may be exclusive to RDNA3 dGPUs.

Also, since there is no description about MALL (Memory Access at Last Level) / Infinity Cache , it seems that RDNA 3 / GFX11 APU will not continue to be equipped with MALL / Infinity Cache.

— Coelacanth’s Dream

Coelacanth also points out that the maximum number of attached screens for DCN 3.1.4 and DCN 3.2.X engines is still four. This means that both RDNA3 APU and dGPU would not support more than four displays at once. In current state of RDNA3 Linux enablement, there are no clear differences between DCN 3.1.4 and DCN 3.2.X display engines though.

AMD RDNA Graphic Chips Architecture GPUs codename Product
GFX1010 NAVI 10 RX5700/5600
GFX1011 NAVI 12 PRO 5600M (MAC)
GFX1012 NAVI 14 RX 5500 XT
GFX10XX Oberon playstation5
GFX1020 Arden Xbox Series
GFX1030 NAVI 21 Sienna Cichlid RX6900/6800
GFX1031 NAVI 22 Navy Flounder RX-6700
GFX1032 NAVI 23 Dimgrey Cavefish RX-6600
GFX1033 NAVI 24 Beige Goby RX-6500
GFX1033 Aeirth/Van Gogh Steam Deck
GFX1036 Raphael Ryzen 7000 / Radeon 700M
GFX1040 Van Gogh Lite TBC
GFX1100 NAVI 31 Plum Bonito RX7900
GFX1101 NAVI 32 TBC RX7800
GFX1102 NAVI 33 TBC RX7700
GFX1103 Phoenix Point Ryzen 7000 / Radeon 700M
GFX1200 NAVI4X TBC RX-8000

Source: Coelacanth’s Dream via Wccftech

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