CK residents getting taken advantage of at the pumps

Gas prices in Chatham-Kent have local residents scratching their heads.

Regular gas is hovering around 195.5 a liter in Chatham-Kent, but across Southern Ontario, gas is in the low 180’s. In Windsor, it’s averaging around $1.81 a litre, while in London, it’s $182.6.

Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, said the numbers just don’t add up.

“It’s costing you a buck-23, buck-24 to buy your fuel, then you add your provincial tax of 9 cents a litre, it’s dropped by the way to 5.7. You have the federal tax of 10 cents, and you have 11.05 for the carbon tax. You add it all up and you have to add 20 cents on top of that for HST. That gives me $1.74 a litre, not 4195.5. So that means that gas stations are picking up, after HST, about 20 cents a litre. That’s a significant retail margin.”

McTeague said that more than double what gas stations in any other city in Southern Ontario are making. He does add that the higher prices could be because of the drop in wholesale prices, but it still doesn’t add up.

“Some gas stations may not be able to catch up. In other words, the gasoline they have in their tanks is still more expensive than what they are selling it for, but it doesn’t add up now. That’s been going on for several days, normally gas stations can sell between 10 and 20,000 litres.”

McTeague has a message for gas stations in Chatham-Kent that are charging $1.95.

“Shame on you! Drop that thing about 10 cents a liter and get in line with everyone else. There was a time and place where this community was extraordinarily competitive when it came to gas prices, but I think right now, anything over a buck 85 is excessive and gas stations need to understand that consumers aren’t exactly made with a bag of money .”

McTeague adds that if you can, take your business elsewhere to try to send a message.

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