Grab a Blink Video Doorbell for just $35 in this early Prime Day Deal

Ring isn’t Amazon’s only connected camera brand and Blink, the other, is getting in the Prime Day spirit early. Ahead of Amazon’s flagship shopping event on July 12-13, there’s a hot deal in play on the Blink Video Doorbell, taking 30% off its already attractive price.

It isn’t as advanced as some competing video doorbells, but at $35 it certainly represents an attractive price point, particularly for those taking their first steps.

    Blink Video Doorbell

    A budget alternative to Ring with the option of local storage if you also grab the Sync Module 2.

The Blink Video Doorbell can operate either wired to an existing chime or wirelessly, with up to two years of battery life. Daytime video is captured in 1080p, while when the sun goes down the infrared view kicks in. As with any connected camera, the Blink Video Doorbell has a companion app with full support for live view and notifications for motion events and bell presses. With two-way audio, you can hear and speak to whoever is at your door.

As it takes AA batteries, too, there’s never a time you need to be without coverage while the battery charges. It’s weatherproof, too, as you would expect, and unlike the Ring doorbells, can be used to its fullest without a subscription plan.

The caveat on that is that the additional $35 Sync Module 2 is required. With this, you can save local footage from the Blink Video Doorbell and up to nine additional cameras. Blink does have a cloud plan that will offer storage and access to your footage, but the Sync Module 2 is better value overall. If you spring for that, you’ll be paying $30 per year per device or $100 per year for a plan that covers up to 10 devices.

This deal, perhaps strangely, is slated to end before Prime Day begins, with only the rest of the week to snap it up. As a starter device for dipping a toe in connected cameras or smart home tech, you could spend more for less, so it’s a great buy right now.

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