HexGaming’s PS5 Rival Pro Controller Is Now Officially Available

HexGaming has come out with multiple PlayStation 5 controllers, but it isn’t done yet, as the company’s latest one has officially just gone up for sale. The HexGaming Rival Pro is somewhat like those other pads in that it is made from a DualSense base and has the same extra features, but it also supports swappable sticks this time around.

Each Rival Pro includes six different analog sticks that come in three different heights and in domed and concave variants. This will allow users to fine tune their analog sticks to their preference.

Its other features have been carried over from the Hex Ultimate and Rival. The Rival Pro has a programmable set of paddles and back buttons that can easily double for almost every other button on the controller. However, it appears as though the back buttons have gone through a slight redesign and are now a little more slim when compared to their first iteration.

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The price starts at $199.99 and increases as users add more functions when creating a custom one on HexGaming’s website. Users still have the ability to add triggers and shoulder buttons that activate more quickly (but nullify the DualSense’s adaptive triggers), rubberized grips, and a whole swath of colors and patterns. It’s also now possible to shave $10 off the price by taking out the rumble feature.

This would eliminate the system’s haptic feedback and, as mentioned, using trigger stops does negate the adaptive triggers, but it is built from the DualSense’s shell, meaning it will easily work with anything that the DualSense does since it is, at its heart, a DualSense. However, it’s worth mentioning that the trigger stops mean that the triggers can jam more easily if dropped since there’s not as much “cushion.”

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And while this a way to get a fancier PS5 controller, Sony is reportedly developing a pro controller of its own. According to insider Tom Henderson, Sony is making a pro controller codenamed “Hunt” that includes removable sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons much like HexGaming’s pads. However, it seems as though Sony’s official removable sticks will go one step beyond the sticks found in other similar controllers, as users will be able to pull the entire stick unit out, which would more easily rectify stick drift. Henderson’s source stated it should be revealed “soon.”

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