How Microsoft is trying to overcome the language barrier in Teams

Microsoft is planning to introduce a new update for its Teams service on mobile devices which will help users to even understand messages that are sent in a foreign language. According to a report by TechRadar, Microsoft Teams users being confused with messages from other languages ​​will no longer be an issue soon. The report suggests that the video conferencing platform is developing a new feature named “intelligent translation” for its mobile users.
Microsoft Teams mobile translation: What is it
As per the report, the feature is coming soon for android and iOS users which will allow them to quickly translate messages into a foreign language along with ensuring the absence of any delays and errors.
However, the company has not confirmed the exact languages ​​that will be included in the new feature, but it is expected to offer the full range that is available to Microsoft, the report suggests. Moreover, the company also noted that the feature should debut in August 2022, which is just a few weeks away for both Android and iOS users.
The report also claims that this is the “latest step forward for Microsoft Teams and its translation tools” to assist users to be a part of the worldwide network. To improve communication across the globe, in 2019, the company planned for the first time to introduce “inline translation” for users accessing Teams on mobile devices.
What is Z-Code
Microsoft adopted a new AI technology called Z-Code in March 2022 that claims to “significantly improves the quality of production translation models.” The report mentions that the Z-Code can create AI systems that are capable of speaking, seeing, hearing and understanding. Moreover, the company has started rolling out this new technology into the Microsoft Translator software and several other Azure AI services.
Other real-time translation functionality in Microsoft Teams
The report states that Microsoft Teams introduced “another form of real-time translation functionality to desktop video meetings earlier this year.” This feature allowed access to “a large network of professional interpreters” who were allowed to dial into meetings on request. This feature allows Microsoft Teams users to switch between the original audio feed and the interpreter’s translation with a drop-down menu in an ongoing session.
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