How to fix Minecraft error “An existing connection was forcibly closed”

Minecraft servers are an extraordinary amount of fun, but sometimes the game can present problems. These problems can involve a range of things and even connection errors, disallowing a player from joining a server. In the case of a connection error, the player is shown a message: “An existing connection was forcibly closed.”

Despite the fact that many different issues can cause this error, most of the time, it can be solved relatively easily. This article will go over the methods players can use to fix this error.

Potential fixes for common Minecraft error

It is essential to initially recognize whether the error is related to a problem associated with the Minecraft server. Using a test server to see if the cause of this error is a server-side issue is a good place to start.

Please connect to the following server:

All versions of the game are supported by this Minecraft test server, and people who can connect to this server can be confident that their game is devoid of issues.

Minecraft players who are unable to join this test server may have a problem with how their game is set up. And if they encounter issues with the error message “An existing connection was forcibly closed,” then they can resort to the following steps to try to fix their problem.

1) Turn off firewall

Players who are having trouble connecting to the testing server may temporarily turn off their firewall and parental control software before trying to access the testing server again.

People can use the above video to disable the firewall. The connectivity issue can be caused by a potential recurrent blocking of the outbound connection by firewalls, parental controls, or workplace restriction software.

2) Change your IPv4 DNS address

You’re given a default DNS by your internet service provider, which could be providers such as Comcast, AT&T, or CenturyLink. On a Mac or Windows 10 PC, you can always alter your DNS settings.

The video above displays how to change your DNS address on Windows. Changing DNS settings may not be something everyone wants to do, and though players should be careful while attempting the change, making it could potentially fix the error “An existing connection was forcibly closed.”

3) Check your network for issues and reset it

A possible culprit for the error code presenting itself may include Windows Network settings. The network settings might not be turned on, and communication between the host server and the game server may be disrupted as a result. Reset network settings via the methods shown in the video above.

Afterwards, reconnect to the testing server IP and see if you can access the server or not. Refer to the other options on this list and give it another shot if the problem is still not fixed.

4) Update/Reinstall Java

For Minecraft to function properly, the most recent Java version is required. It’s possible that the Java files someone uses to connect to the server are outdated. The error “An existing connection was forcibly closed” may be due to this.

People need to check Java for updates, or they may even have to reinstall Java if it comes to that. Once that is done, retry joining the test server.

5) Reinstall Minecraft

If nothing else works, reinstalling Minecraft may be the way to go. Though it sounds very simple, doing this could potentially fix the connectivity error. This process will also help you ensure there isn’t something wrong with your game files.

After reinstalling the game, please once again attempt to access the testing server, and if the error is fixed, you will be able to join with no issues.

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