Howie Mandel Posted The Most Shocking Video On TikTok & Sparked A Social Media Meltdown

Howie Mandel posted a truly wild video on TikTok, and the people of the internet had some strong reactions to it.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

On Saturday, July 9, the Canadian celeb shared a video of a prolapsed rectum to his 9.9 million subscribers on the social media platform.

“When my friend Neil bent over this happened,” he said, while showing a photo of the body part. “Does somebody know if this is COVID related? And if it is, what do we do about it?”

“Your rectum is the lower part of your colon, where stool forms,” ​​says John Hopkins of the medical condition. “If the rectum drops out of its normal place within the body and pushes out of the anal opening, the condition is called rectal prolapse.”

The video has since been deleted from Mandel’s page but is still floating around the internet on sites and accounts that recorded the post before it was taken down.

Mandel has posted a few TikToks since the shocking video was deleted but has not addressed the situation on any of his socials.

“So are we just going to forget about yesterday?” someone wrote on one of his recent TikToks.

“Listen. We can’t just waltz past that like nothing happened,” wrote another.

On Twitter, people shared their thoughts about the situation.

“Should’ve minded my business when I saw Howie Mandel ‘trending in Canada,'” tweeted @ewokinthestreet alongside a picture of a tearful cat looking at a phone.

It seemed to be the leading sentiment amongst people posting about it.

“I should’ve minded my business instead of being a nosy b*tch and searching up Howie Mandel,” tweeted @4ever__winter with a picture of Mille Bobbie Brown crying in Stranger Things.

Sounds like you have some explaining to do, Howie!

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