Joey Bosa: Football is pretty much my only priority right now

Los Angeles Chargers mini camp

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The period between the end of offseason programs and the start of training camp provides some time for NFL players to get away from the game, but not all of them are looking for that.

Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa recently appeared on his teammate Drue Tranquill’s podcast to discuss his physical health, mental health, and how he prepares for an NFL season. Bosa shared that he used to pursue a number of hobbies away from the game in order to stay busy, but that he’s approaching things differently this year.

Bosa said that those pursuits took time away from rest that he needed for both his mind and body to be ready for the grind of playing and training, so he has eliminated them from his schedule in order to keep his focus totally on football.

“Honestly, I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that I don’t really care,” Bosa said. “Football is my No. 1 and pretty much only priority. I don’t need to fill my time with all these sorts of things whether it’s going to the beach or doing all these . . . I was trying to fill my time with these hobbies, but it would affect my performance which, in turn, would affect my well-being, my mental well-being.”

Outside didn’t do much to slow Bosa’s production, but an interests even bigger season in 2022 will be a point in favor of keeping things as simple as possible in offseasons to come.

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