Lotto Max winners: BC health-care workers

A BC woman was happy to find out she and a group of health-care workers won a couple hundred dollars.

Coquitlam resident Adriana Miklosikova and her nursing colleagues bought tickets for the June 14 Lotto Max draw, and initially thought they’d scored $256.

She’s part of a group of 15 nurses who regularly buy tickets. They’ve been playing for about two years as a group.

Miklosikova told the BC Lottery Corporation that she was at home, making breakfast after a workout, when she checked the lucky ticket.

“Then (I) noticed the comma,” she said.

What the nurses actually won was $256,051.80.

It’s not exactly the key to an early retirement, but even split 15 ways it’s still a good chunk of cash: $17,070.12 a piece.

BCLC didn’t say what the co-workers plan to do with their winnings, other than that they have plans to celebrate with a big dinner together.

“Winning is unbelievable,” Miklosikova said in a statement issued by BCLC Tuesday.

“We’ll all be able to plan something special with the extra money.”

The group matched six out of seven numbers in the draw last month, plus the bonus number, entitling them to 2.5 per cent of the pools fund. The odds of this, BCLC estimates, are one in 4,756,400.

No one won the jackpot on June 14.

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