Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A319 Announced; Flagstaff Airport Released; London Heathrow Update Gets New Trailer


Third-party developers delivered news about add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator today, including aircraft and airports-

Third-party developers delivered news about add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator today.

First of all, LatinVFR announced that it will continue its Airbus series after the recently-released Airbus A321neo.

The next one in line is the smaller Arbus A319 CEO (with the older CFM56 and IAE engine options). More aircraft from the A320 family will come at a later time.

They also confirmed that there will be no implementation of the FlyByWire systems (albeit modders have us covered there) and they will continue to use the default A320neo systems as a base. They have no intention to compete with more advanced addons and their target is the Xbox and PC marketplace market.

Next, we get the release of Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (KFLG) in Arizona by UK2000 Scenery.

You can find it at the developer’s own shop and SimMarket for $15.23 plus applicable VAT.

  • Full detail Buildings
  • Realistic Ground Markings
  • Hi Res ground image
  • Stunning Night Effects
  • High details Airport Vehicles
  • Excellent Frame Rates
  • Full set of signs
  • Fencing
  • GA Static Aircraft
  • vegetation
  • PBR Materials
  • Internal Tower details
  • Internal Pier details
  • Animate Flags
  • Choose of TWO versions, one with Static aircraft and another without any static.

We also get a trailer of the updated version 2 of iniBuilds’ London Heathrow airport, which will be provided for free to anyone who purchased it.

The improvements, which you can read and see below, are very visible.

  • Hilton Garden Inn bug fix
  • Terminal 2b emissive improvements
  • Terminal 5a detailed interior and improved night lighting
  • Terminal 2 limited interior and improved night lighting
  • Terminal 5b texture and geometry improvements, limited interior with improved night lighting
  • Terminal 5c texture and geometry improvements, limited interior with improved night lighting
  • Various Vehicle Path decals added
  • Various Taxi-way decals added
  • Improvements to T2 Construction Area
  • Minor Improvements to T3 Landside detail
  • Added custom Runway Exit Lighting (orange-green alternating)
  • Added aprons and lines to Fire and Maintenance Area
  • Added Landside detail for Cargo Terminal area
  • Added lighting to T5 Industrial Area
  • Changed gate 236 to 237 (including signage etc)
  • Yellow lines now sorted under runway markings
  • Added double-white line around parking/taxi boundaries
  • Added parking position for G515 (fix for incorrect jetway being called at 516)
  • Adjusted jetway rotation for G516 to prevent obstruction to VDGS
  • Added exclude under Concorde model
  • Rework of airline gate allocation

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. A free 40th Anniversary Edition with plenty of goodies has recently been announced.

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