Minions: The ‘Gentleminions’ follow trend explained


For many theaters across the world, the opening weekend for the film ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ was met with snazzy ties and bananas to spare.

The latest TikTok trend has teenagers dressing up in suits, sunglasses and carrying bananas to the film screening.

Hundreds of videos on the app with the hashtag #Gentleminions show moviegoers in their formal attire, shaking hands with one another upon meeting and attentively watching the film with closed palms to their chins.

While it is unclear how the trend began, one of the first videos to garner attention came from the TikTok user @bill.hirst. The video posted a week ago has gained 35.7 million views and 8.6 million likes on the app; showing the group of young men dressed in suits taking up an entire escalator on their way to the movie showing.

However, not all theaters have accepted the “gentleminions,” with some theaters in the UK reportedly banning guests dressed in suits over reports of “disturbances” from moviegoers. Posts on social media have included videos of guests being denied entry and signs warning moviegoers in suits will be turned away.

In Canada, there haven’t been any reports of malicious behavior among guests. In a tweet posted on Monday, Cineplex shared a TikTok made by a fan participating in the trend and encouraged others to keep sharing their own videos.

“Having guests arrive in costume for big film releases is something that we’re used to at Cineplex, but what we saw this weekend and yesterday was something really unique and special,” Cineplex’s spokesperson Sarah van Lange said in an email to

“We always ask our guests to be respectful of other movie-goers in the auditorium looking to enjoy the film and so far, the #GentleMinions have done just that.”

The latest installation of the “Despicable Me” franchise follows the origin story of Gru, the leader of the minions and how his evil empire began. Over the weekend the film brought US$108.5 million in ticket sales across North America.

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