Netflix acquires new Johnny Depp film ‘La Favourite,’ where he’ll portray King Louis XV

Netflix Inc. acquired the right to stream the new Johnny Depp film ‘The Favorite,’ according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

The French movie is set to start filming in France this summer and Netflix now has the streaming rights to La Favorite 15 months after its theatrical release.

This project marks Depp’s return to the big screen in his first role since winning the defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Depp, 59, has previously said on multiple occasions that he feels betrayed by Hollywood studios and is reaffirming that stance with his latest project.

In the movie, Depp will portray King Louis XVpredecessor to the Louis XVI reign that led to the French Revolution.

The Favorite release date

La Favorite, directed by Mawenn Le Bescowill be released to French audiences in theaters sometime during 2023.

Le Besco will also play Madame du Barrythe infamous mistress of King Louis VX.

The film is set to be Depp’s big comeback to Depp, who hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2020.

This will be Depp’s first full film in French, a language with which he became wholly-acquainted when he lived in France with ex-partner Vanessa Paradis.

Netflix vowed to invest $40.7 million on French movies in 2022, starting with the new Depp film.


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