New policy targets copycat, other illegitimate app listings: Microsoft

Microsoft, which came under fire due to new policy changes for the Microsoft Store including killing open-source app sales, has clarified its stance about legitimate open-source and generally free apps on its store.

According to Windows Central, the company’s general manager of partners and the Microsoft Store clarified that the new policy targets copycat and other illegitimate app listings.

“I suspect this was designed to catch scammers that lazily repackage FOSS software for $$, probably needs an exception for the copyright owners,” he said.

The new policy changes for the Microsoft Store will take effect on July 16.

As per the report, one of the new rules prohibits the sale of open-source apps or applications that are generally available for free outside of the store.

The phrasing of the new policy is broad enough that it covers legitimate applications being sold by the makers of the apps. This led to criticism from several members of the developer community.

The new rule drew criticism from developers since some companies use the Microsoft Store to sell their own open-source apps.

The general manager confirmed that Microsoft will look into clarifying the wording of the new policy, the report said.


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