Nikon halts development of single-lens reflex camera

Nikon Corp. has in recent years halted development of single-lens reflex cameras as the Japanese camera maker is shifting its focus to mirrorless cameras which are lighter than SLR types, company sources said Tuesday.

Supplied photo shows Nikon Corp.’s D6 digital single-lens reflex camera. (Kyodo)

Nikon, which began selling SLR cameras in 1959, once captured a large share of the camera market worldwide. The decision to suspend the development of new SLR cameras came as small mirrorless cameras rose to dominate the digital camera market.

The company will continue sales of existing products and customer support services, the sources said, adding that Nikon may resume development of SLR cameras in the future.

Due to their light weight and ability to snap many consecutive shots, mirrorless cameras have gained popularity among professional photographers covering sporting events including the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2021.

Since debuting its SLR cameras in 1959 with the Nikon F series, the company had continued to develop various SLR models, including in recent decades as the majority of its products had become digital.

But Nikon reportedly stopped developing new SLR models following the release of its D6 series in June 2020.


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