Rainn Wilson says his body is ‘failing’ due to health issues

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The Office star Rainn Wilson fears his body is “failing” as he battles a number of health issues.

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The 56-year-old actor is suffering from high cholesterol and having problems with one of his knees, while he’s also gained weight, and it’s left Rainn pondering his own mortality especially as he faces the milestone moment of his teenage son going off to college .

Speaking to The Big Issue magazine, he revealed: “My son is 17 and in a year he’ll be going off to college. And then my wife and I … what do we do without raising my son? Figuring out this next chapter is big. And I’m seeing various ways that my body is breaking down.”

He went on: “My cholesterol is higher and I’m gaining some weight and my knee hurts all the time. Like what’s going on? My body is failing me. This brings up questions of mortality.”

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However, Rainn does have enough work to keep him occupied. His most recent project is new movie Jerry and Marge Go Large in which he stars opposite Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening.

Bryan and Annette play a retired couple who figure out a way to win the local lottery and use the cash to help regenerate the town.

Rain added of the project: “I loved the script when I read it because it was just so uplifting and warm-hearted. Hollywood doesn’t make many movies about real, small town America. Nice people, who believe in each other and help each other, who are trying to make the world a better place.”

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