Ridiculous rentals: “Completely private” Vancouver mini bachelor for $700

It’s hard to find rentals in Vancouver for $1,000, let alone $700, so what’s the catch with this listing for a mini bachelor on Craigslist?

This spot in the Marpole neighborhood includes heat, hot water, and electricity in the price — but not much else.

The mini bachelor essentially equates to one room with a private entrance, and the listing emphasizes that it is indeed “completely private.”

“NOTHING is shared.”

As you might expect, a $700 apartment in Vancouver has some drawbacks.

For starters, there’s no cooking area. So if you’re happy to live off of microwaved noodles and microwaved baked potatoes for however long you plan on renting a unit like this, all the power to you.

Vancouver Craigslist

There’s also a fridge, but neither the microwave nor fridge are pictured; just the door, the radiator, and a light switch.


Vancouver Craigslist

On the bright side (pun intended), you get a window with some blinds. The listing also states that laundry is included in the building.

You also get your very own bathroom, but you have to enter it through the hallway. The listing assures the potential renter that it is completely private as well.

A quiet, nice, non-smoker is preferred.

While this listing may seem laughable, at least it isn’t being offered on a one-year lease like some other ridiculous rentals we’ve seen in Vancouver.

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