Rogers outage: Company warns of phishing scams offering credits

Rogers is warning customers of a wave of scam text messages claiming to offer credits after its all-day outage on Friday.

While the company said all customers affected by the outages would receive a credit on their bill to make up for the lost service, the telecom giant tweeted on Saturday that “no action is required” for credits to be applied.

Rogers is urgent customers who receive a suspicious text message to report it as spam by forwarding it to 7726 (SPAM).

One Twitter user posted a screenshot of a scam message he received, which appears to be from “ROG SERV MSG” and asks the user to click a link in order to receive a $50 credit.

These messages, known as phishing scams, typically involve fake text messages or emails that attempts to extract sensitive information from a recipient or lead them to download viruses, such as malware or spyware.

Phishing scams could be used for identity theft, gaining credentials to social media accounts and uncovering personal financial information.

According to Rogers website, the company will “never contact you by email, text or phone to ask for personal information including pin and account numbers.”

Rogers recommends undertaking preventative measures such as ignoring phone or email requests for personal information, not using the same password across multiple platforms and being wary of messages that use the word “urgent” or have grammatical errors.

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