Royal family in “panic mode” over what Harry and Meghan might be cooking up next with Oprah / Queerty


This post seems very one-sided.

I noticed when Harry & Meghan showed up at the church service at the Jubilee that they were booed by a large segment of the crowd. I have a feeling their support in the UK has dwindled.

To me, it seems the British Royal Family (“BRF”) doesn’t have good luck with marrying Americans (see also Wallace Simpson) and with television interviews (egs. Diana, Harry & Meghan, Andrew).

I think Harry and Meghan don’t necessarily have to live on an estate in Montecito (it’s like 9 bedrooms or something), but since they think they do, the ways of getting the money to pay for it all are running out. Some say that Harry is going to come into some big money from his great grandmother when he turns 40 and that the Queen is going to leave him a bundle when she goes, so I’m not panicked, but it seems that Harry and Meghan are a little desperate. Many of their initial big money deals (see Pearl at Netflix) have evaporated (welcome to Hollywood), so it seems like the only way they can maintain the cash flow where they want it to be is to trash his family (Oprah interview, memoirs , etc.).

Of course the BRF is on the defensive and worried. A lot of the allegations made in the first Oprah interview have been thoroughly researched and mostly it’s just half truths or bullsh*t. For example, we are to believe that Harry, who had been a mental health advocate and was thoroughly connected with the posh mental health community in the UK, would have done nothing to get Meghan immediate help with her mental health issues. He would have sat back and let her be denied services? I can’t believe it myself.

Harry and Meghan weren’t successful in using their trip to the Jubilee to recharge their royal connection batteries – for example. no picture of Lilibeth with the Queen (what a moneymaker that would have been).

It’s not good form to use one’s royal titles and connections for personal profit. Harry & Meghan want to have their cake and eat it too. They are doing just that to a large extent, but I guess it’s not enough for them. I can’t really feel sorry for these 40 year old spoiled brats who can’t get over their problems with the parents.

Harry & Meghan aren’t going to stop trashing the BRF, but I think very soon the value that Harry & Meghan can extract from their “insider information” will be exhausted. Pretty soon they won’t have much to tell. The BRF is playing the long game (snubbing and containment coupled with good wishes), and I think the BRF will prevail.

Harry looked miserable when he was in England and whenever I see his picture nowadays. I feel sorry for him. I hope Meghan doesn’t turn on him the way she has on her father, other family members, and friends. If she files for divorce, in California, she’ll be set for life with two minor children. Where will he be?

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