Santino Marella Receives Blowblack For Booking Marty Scurll

Santino Marella is receiving quite a bit of blowback for booking Marty Scurll for his upcoming show.

Marella, real name Anthony Carelli, announced on Twitter that he’s booking Marty Scurll for his upcoming Battle Arts promotion show in Toronto. The announcement also included a video from Scurll saying that fans will see a side of “The Villain” that they’ve never seen before.

He concluded by saying that “sh*t gets real” on August 13. Check out the announcement here below.

Carelli is receiving quite a bit of blowback for booking Scurll for the show given the accusations made against him back in 2020. He’s accused of having slept with a 16-year-old girl in the UK.

As a result, Scurll has found it difficult to get booked for wrestling shows, slowly making his return to action over the years. He responded to the accusations with the following statement.

“I am aware that a young woman has bravely come forward with her account of sexual abuse by some members of the wrestling community in the UK 5 years ago, a community I was a part of.

“Although I truly believe that our encounter that evening was consensual, and the fact that the encounter was legal; is almost not the point. I understand that she now views our encounter as part of a bigger problem within the wrestling community.

“What concerns me at this moment is that from what I have been reading, she is a fan of wrestling and was made to feel unsafe within that community. This is not acceptable. I also understand that people have been attacking her on social media, and I implore you to please stop. She has a right to her voice and it is our responsibility to listen.”

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