Something Weird Is Up With Outriders Worldslayer’s Targeted Loot Farming

I’ve been playing a whole lot of Outriders’ Worldslayer expansion, where I’m attempting to assemble new builds across a number of classes, and I’ve noticed something a bit…off with the way its new target loot farming works.

Outriders now has various treasure troves in its Trials of Tarya Gratar activity that rewards certain armor pieces as you try to get apocalypse gear for your build. And if you’ve been playing Outriders a while, you’ll know that a problem used to be trying to get class helmets as capstones for sets, partially because a ton of other non-set legendary helmets exist.

But in order to rectify that, now Worldslayer seems to have devised a system where you can be positively drowning in helmets, while being short on other slots. I currently have a nearly full inventory of apocalypse level helmets with at least a dozen more I’ve put in storage on my Pyromancer. Meanwhile, in all my hours of endgame farming, I have gotten two apocalypse legendary boots. Two. Total.

So, what’s going on here? A few things:

  • Of the five treasure troves, one is always going to be a dedicated helmet farm, which makes sense.
  • However, the final boss of Tarya Gratar, though this is unlisted, is also predisposed to give out more helmets more often.
  • Past this, there’s some speculation that the other minibosses on the map also have a hidden bias toward helmets, which I’ve noticed anecdotally, at least.
  • Then, there may be other weird things I can’t quantify, like even with RNG, it does not seem logically that I would have just…two boots, compared to dozens of helmets and at least a solid amount of the other slots. Something is wrong here.

I also wish there was a better way to target farm weapons. So far as I can tell, the only trove target farms are for armor slots, but I am still trying to get even one copy of some of the new weapons, much less ones with great Tier 3 apocalypse perks. Sure, I get a halfway decent amount of guns through a Trials run, but they added a batch of new guns, and there are a lot of old ones, and I feel like there’s no good way to go for specific ones I really want to try. It’s like playing Destiny and having every single gun be a random world loot drop with no way to go after specific ones you want. That’s not a great system.

So yeah, I think there are some kinks to work out here, even if I’m enjoying the endgame overall. Fewer helmets, more boots and gun target farming, please.

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