Ubisoft’s ‘Skull And Bones’ Will Let You Play As A Pirate Across The Indian Ocean

Ubisoft, the game company that has brought us the beloved Assassin’s Creed and FarCry franchise has now revealed that it’ll finally be launching a new game that’ll make you live the life of a pirate. Named Skull And Bones, the game was revealed as a part of Ubisoft’s Forward Event.

The game’s announcement isn’t particularly out of the blue. It was first announced during E3 2017, but eventually it just got lost and many thought it’s never going to see the light of the day.

This year however, we got to see a leaked gameplay video that added some fuel to the fire and now we have an official gameplay video with a launch date: November 8, 2022.



What to expect from Skull and Bones?

The game is based out of the Indian Ocean where apart from treacherous waves, the dangers involve greedy pirates who don’t think twice before knocking down a ship for the loot.

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The game revolves around building their reputation (which in the game is called infamy), on their journey to become the most proficient pirate across the ocean.

The game allows players to participate in everything pirates are known for – search for treasures? Sure, Loot resources-laden ships? Yup, you’ve got that, hunting other pirates? You can do that too. All this is done to increase their infamy, and the greater the infamy, the greater the rewards via “contracts.”


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What sounds more exciting is that the game is perfect for single players as well as players in groups, although the developers recommend that the best experience is achieved in a group.

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